Australian health company
I had the pleasure to work again with the super talented Niceshit Studio for this lovely set of commercials for men's health for a change, doing all the cel animation.
Inspired by the cartoons from back in the day and through smart and conceptual humor we developed this hilarious TV campaign: carefully crafted with expressive inky brushes full of imperfections and human feel.
Client: Mosh
Agency: Royals
Rep: Honey Mill
EP: Paul Bennell / Honey Mill

Produced & Directed by Niceshit
Creative Directors: Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo & Rodier Kidmann
Producer: Agusta Timotea
Art Direction & Illustration: Mark Long
Storyboard: Guido Lambertini, Rodier Kidmann, Bianca Sangalli Moretti & Mark Long.
Cel Animation: David Maliboo, Juan Nadalino, Ezequiel Cruz
Edit & Compositing: Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo 
Clean Up: Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Ezequiel Cruz, Rodier Kidmann & Carmen Angelillo.
Music & Sound Design: Smith & Western
Niceshit 2021
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