This piece is a little documentary about the biggest octopus fan club on Facebook. Was part of a massive campaign to give visibility to Facebook groups alongside the internet and it was a real pleasure to be part of this massive tour de force in 1stavemachine to create this piece. 
Direction: Brut Collective 
Agency: Facebook 
Production: Brut & 1stavemachine 
Executive Producer: Michaela McKee, Maud Beckers 
Line Producer: Sara Camacho 
Artists: Cesar Pesquera, Maliboo, Maxim de Gilder & Ricardo Leite 
Clean up: Eva Puyuelo, Marga López & Margarita Rojas
I was in charge of delveloping concept, artwork and animation alongside other artist  that form the BRUT collective. It was a real challenge to make this mixed media piece work, concept wise and specially with all the different artists bringing in so different cool styles.
Storyboards and artwork I developed for the tunnel sequence that I got the chance to animate later on.
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